This is us after only 4 days on the road. We hadn't even gotten the tyres dirty yet.

Where it all began

We created this site in preparation for our family's 4WD adventure to the extremes of Australia. Over 16 months, myself (Steve), my wife Jen and our daughters Savanna (4) and Sara (1) travelled over 46,600 km through every state and territory in Australia having what can only be described as the adventure of a lifetime.

Along the way we travelled some of Australia's toughest roads and visited many of the most remote and spectacular destinations.


Our goal for the trip was to reach all of the extremes of Australia - that's the north (Cape York), south (Cape Tribulation), east (Cape Byron), west (Steep Point), the centre (Lamberts Centre) and the highest point at the top of Mt Kosciuszko. We figured that getting to these points would involve a whole lot of adventure along the way . . . and we were right!

'The Big Lap' - The Documentary Of Our Trip

TBL-DVD-Case-With-Discs-01We wanted to capture & share our experience in the hope of inspiring many other people to chase their own travel dreams and we shot over 200 hours of video before, during and after the trip.

Now our adventure is encapsulated in this 10 episode documentary series.

'The Big Lap' will give you many hours of entertainment, laughs and a few tears and is a priceless insight into the real experience of travelling around Australia by road that will inspire you to make your own travel dreams a reality.

Watch the preview

Learn more about The Big Lap DVD Series

Any big trip like ours is going to have it's share of ups and downs which is why being prepared for anything is so important.

That's where this website comes in.

Since finishing our 'Big Lap' this site has evolved from being a record of our trip to being a source of Information and Inspiration for other people planning their trips around Australia or other Aussie road trips.

From vehicle preparation to choosing the right gear, travelling with kids or highlighting great destinations, our goal with Expedition Australia is to provide a rich resource to help you get the most out of your road trip, be it a week, a month or a year.

If you'd like to contribute content for the site, contact us.

Steve Baile

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