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Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

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For most Road Trippers, the biggest question about doing a 'Big Lap' around Australia is . . .

"How Much Money Will We Need?"

My Free Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet is the solution you are looking for!

G'day Fellow Road Tripper,

If you're wondering how much money you'll need for your road trip around Australia then you've come to the right place.

Everyone's trip is different which is why my Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet is an essential tool to work out how much money you will need.

It will take all of the details of your planned trip and show you how much money you'll need each month.

Details like . .

  1. How long you plan to travel for
  2. How many nights you expect to stay in caravan parks, hotels, national parks, free camps
  3. What mileage your vehicle gets
  4. The current cost per litre of fuel
  5. How much cash you have to start with
  6. Any other income you have
  7. Any other expenses (mortgage, insurance, health cover etc.)
  8. And numerous other variables.

As you enter these details you'll see the bottom line update in real time so you can keep 'massaging' the numbers until it works.

And don't worry, the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet is a DOWNLOAD, not an online application so all of the information lives securely on your computer.

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Happy Trip Planning
Steve Baile, Expedition Australia

PS - Want to know how much we spent on our 16 month Big Lap around Australia? Keep an eye on your Inbox for another email with more details about that.


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