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"Just got it today. Stopped watching to have dinner then straight back into it. Just awesome, well done guys." - Scott Williams


"Just finished watching all 3 DVDs and wow! What a great watch it was but makes us want to leave tomorrow on our big lap!" - Marcia Western

The Big Lap Series

The Ultimate Aussie Road Trip Adventure now on Bluray & DVD

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Join us on our incredible 16 month adventure to the 'extremes' of Australia?


"It's the best 4WD camping DVD out. I've watched my copy 3 times and love it. Very inspirational!" - Glenn Noonan

Just imagine . . .

You’ve quit work & sold your house.

You’ve sold most of your ‘stuff’ at a couple of garage sales . . . and put the rest into storage.

The farewell dinners with friends and family are all done.

You’ve got cash in the bank . . . and your credit cards are clear.

The 4WD is loaded up and ready to go with your new camper trailer on the back.

You’ve spent 7 years getting here . . . and you’ve got 500 days of adventure in front of you.

You start the engine . . . final goodbyes . . . and a few last tears.

You’re nervous . . . but excited.

You slowly pull away . . . and drive down the road.

Day 1 . . . The Adventure Begins . . .

Sound good?

Discover The REAL Australia With Us

If you’ve ever dreamed about abandoning the rat race and escaping on a road trip adventure around Australia then now is your chance to find out what it’s REALLY like.

We’re the Baile family . . . Steve, Jen, Savanna & Sara and we spent seven years dreaming about doing the ultimate Aussie Road trip before we finally made it happen.

We’re a regular family just like you who wanted to do something a bit different (and probably a bit crazy) and share it with the world.

Now, with The Big Lap Series you can experience the REAL Australia with us as we leave behind our friends and family and the city life and head for the horizon on our epic 46,600km adventure around Australia.


Our EXTREME Challenge

As an added challenge, we set ourselves the goal of reaching the ‘extremes’ of Australia . . . that’s the northern tip at Cape York, the southern tip at Wilsons Promontory, the western tip at Steep Point, the eastern at Cape Byron, the exact centre near Alice Springs and even the highest point on Mt Kosciuszko.

This challenge took us through every state and territory in Australia and along some of our remotest and toughest roads and tracks.


"Finished watching at 2am this morning, it's so addictive! We have so many 4WD DVD's but nothing like The Big Lap. What an epic journey guys . . ." - Ika Lauchlan


"I think you guys are amazing just tackling the journey with the rugrats. Well done Jen and Steve." - Sherri Pullen


“We have just finished watching your DVD’s and they were awesome, loved them all. Thanks heaps for sharing your adventures with us. Even our kids loved it.” - Kylie Miles

Some of the awesome places you'll visit in The Big Lap


Cape York
The Kimberley
Karijini National Park
Tasmanian High Country
The Nullarbor

Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park
The Tanami Road
Lake Argyle
Snowy Mountains
Cobourg Peninsula

Margaret River
Lawn Hill National Park
The Bungles
The Great Ocean Road

Every state. Every territory. Every extreme.

"There are plenty of travel shows on TV but none like The Big Lap."


"Bought this for Hubby for his birthday. WARNING: it's addictive!!!!" - Sue McInnes


"We love your DVDs too! Our 4-year-old's fave...even before the Wiggles!" - Gillian Byrne

But things don’t always go to plan!


Of course with an adventure on this scale things can go wrong and we had our share of dramas!

A couple of vehicle rollovers, a broken camper trailer, being stranded in the outback with a collapsed wheel bearing on our Landcruiser and the ever present challenge of travelling on a very tight budget.

We actually ran out of money along the way and had to stop and work out a way to make some extra cash so we could keep going (see this in episode 6).

Despite the challenges, our mission from the very start was to capture the entire experience on film so that we could make The Big Lap series and share it with other fellow travel lovers.

Of course not everyone who watches the series is planning to sell up, pack up and take off around Australia for a year or two, but if you share our passion for exploring remote and spectacular destinations and discovering new places then you’re going to fall in love with The Big Lap.


“Received the DVD set on Friday – the misses and I thought we would watch it over a few days. Well we put the first disk in Saturday midday and could not contain ourselves, watched all 3 disks on the Saturday – when friends rang we said we weren’t home as we didn’t want to miss a minute! Best Aussie adventure movie I have ever watched, a down to earth Aussie family living the dream.” - Max Thorbjornsen

Come along with us on the Adventure


When you watch The Big Lap Series you’ll feel like you were there with us along the way sharing the experience, so that even if your own ‘Big Lap’ is still a dream for sometime in the future, at least you can have a taste of what it will be like.

Best of all, by watching The Big Lap you’ll get ideas of places to go for shorter trips and what to expect along the way and when you get there.

  • What’s it like driving up to Cape York?
  • What’s it like staying at El Questro in the Kimberley?
  • What does the Tanami Road look like?
  • How do you travel long distances with young children on board?
  • How tough is it to drive the Gibb River Road?

Many TV shows do a great job of highlighting beautiful destinations, but celebrities flying in for 12 hours and having the red carpet treatment for the camera isn’t really something that any of us can relate to.

In The Big Lap Series our experience is much more authentic from the perspective of travellers just like you, so you’ll get a genuine sense of what to expect when planning your own adventures. We didn’t have a big budget or big sponsors expecting us to spend the whole time ‘spruiking’ their product.

We didn’t even have a crew!

But that’s not to say we haven’t been able to make a great film series. We worked hard to make sure we captured the experience as authentically as possible and we are proud to now share it with you in this 10 episode (8 hours) series.

The Big Lap is for everyone who loves getting out and exploring Australia’s remote and spectacular places


“Wow, we LOVE your DVDs. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us, we really felt like we were tackling it with you . . . we particularly liked the attention to every little detail, whether it was preparing meals, reading maps, shaking sand out of ones undies, or hiking to the most beautiful areas, these details made it so real. We are in awe of your decision.” - Penelope Risbey Turner

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The Big Lap Series

Order Now for Father's Day

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The Big Lap Series
on Bluray $39.95


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The Big Lap Series
on DVD $34.95


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 10 episodes in the series for a total running time of around 8 hours

The Bluray version of The Big Lap is in FULL HD (1920 x 1080) resolution whereas the DVD version is in Standard Definition (1024 x 576). This means the Bluray will make full use of your big HD TV and show much more clarity and detail in the images.

Yes you do. The Bluray version of The Big Lap will only play in a Bluray player or a compatible device like a Sony Playstation. The DVD version of The Big Lap will play in any DVD or Bluray player.

No there is no region coding – The discs will play in any region. However, the video format is PAL (25 fps) which works in most countries of the world. If you live in a country that uses NTSC (29.97 fps) format like the USA, then you need to ensure your DVD/BLURAY player and TV can play PAL content.
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