10 Top Fishing Spots to visit when travelling around Australia

For both Australians and international travellers, one of the best ways to see this beautiful country is by car (or four wheel drive). Whether you decide to camp, go caravanning or take your camper trailer, there's simply so much to see and do, which is lost when you fly from city to city. Off beaten tracks and down secluded drives you'll find hidden fishing holes, breathtaking mountain ranges and pristine lakes. For the ultimate Aussie adventure, pack your fishing gear and head for these not to be missed fishing spots.

South West Rocks, NSW

A quaint fishing village in New South Wales about 450km north of Sydney, South West Rocks is the perfect place to throw a line in. While other fishing spots can become incredibly crowded on long weekends or holiday periods, South West Rocks remains untouched and largely undiscovered by tourists.

Sweers Island, QLD Coastline

Located of the Northern Coast of Central Queensland, this private island is a haven for fishermen. Sweetlip fish are the most common species caught amongst the rocky reefs of Sweers Island. During the various seasons, however, you may even catch a Spanish mackerel, northern blue fin tuna and coral trout, when casting your line.

Exmouth, WA

Just metres from the continental shelf and Ningaloo reef, fish species truly are abundant in the waters surrounding Exmouth. The Ningaloo Reef is home to hundreds of fish species, making this a true fishing paradise. There is plenty of hotel and caravan park accommodation in Exmouth and you can also camp at the Cape Range National Park which runs along the coast. Also an easy spot for putting your boat in off the beach.

Kakadu National Park, NT

If you're planning a fishing trip to Kakadu National Park, you may want to go with an experienced tour company who has a permit for fishing and can get you out to the best spots. While this may sound like a bit of effort for a fishing trip, you'll catch the best barramundi in the world, all amongst the surrounds of the beautiful Kakadu National Park.

Port Lincoln, SA

An abundance of jetties provide the perfect setting for fishermen from beginner to advanced levels of knowledge. Tuna, whiting and squid are all commonly found in the waters off Port Lincoln.

Dampier Archipelago, WA

You may have noticed a trend that some of the best fishing spots are located in Northern Western Australia. Some of the species you'll find among the waters of the Dampier Archipelago include the much sought after coral trout, red emperor, scarlet sea perch, spangled emperor, Norwest snapper and the blue bone. The Karratha Visitors Centre can also help you with a fishing guide for the local waters.

Jindabyne, NSW

Lake Jindabyne, during the summer months, is a popular spot for bait fishing. With several streams running down the Snowy Mountains, the Lake has four species of fish that you can catch, 'Browntrout', 'Rainbow trout', 'Brook trout' and 'Atlantic salmon. Note that the lake is closed for fishing between the June and October long weekends to give the trout a chance to spawn.Â

Cairns, QLD

Like many other coastal cities, Cairns is well known for its fishing spots. Located parallel to the Great Barrier Reef, various fish species can be found amongst the waters of Cairns. Unless you have a good seagoing boat, you'll want to get on board one of the many fishing charters that run out of Cairns who will be able to get you out to the best fishing spots on the Barrier Reef.

Gippsland, VIC

On the South Coast of Victoria, you'll find Gippsland, home to amazing fishing spots such as Lakes Entrance. A quaint town, Lakes Entrance is a great base from which to explore the range of fishing spots in the Gippsland Lakes regions. Look out for fish species like Trevally, Luderick, bream and flathead and of course as always, the local fishing shops will be your best source of up to date info.

Broome, WA

Australia's north coast is renowned for it's incredible fishing opportunities, mainly due to the complete lack of population in the region. Broome, in Australia's north western corner is really the start of Australia's north coast and an excellent place to start your fishing adventure. Fishing isn't a sport that's as simple as throwing a line in, but a fishing charter trip from Broome is guaranteed to please. Grab a few mates and head out onto the open waters for the fishing adventure of a lifetime! If you're travelling up the coast towards Broome, make sure you stop in at 80 Mile Beach, about 350km before you get to Broome, for a day or two and fish for salmon with your beach rod in the surf. You're guaranteed to catch a feed.

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