Airstream Caravans Coming To Australia

Airstream Caravans Coming To Australia

For a long time now I've lusted after one of the American made 'Airstream' caravans but you just don't see them Down Under, so I figured that one day when I had $100k burning a hole in my pocket I'd import one.

Well now it looks like I won't have to with Airstream CEO, Bob Wheeler announcing they in talks with a local agent to sell them in Australia.

Good news!

6 thoughts on “Airstream Caravans Coming To Australia

  1. mikal says:

    I seen something like this at a small yard Ineed a town in Victoria just south of Tocumwal. Not sure if they made it themselves or it was a renoed retro one. LookEd super cool

  2. Edwin Olsson-White says:

    Ha! I have been lusting over these vans as well. I have been checking them out over the years on the internet and when in the U.S. a few years back, checked one out. Anyways, back on the net today and discovered they may be sold downunder. Good news!

  3. Linda says:

    Dreams do come true. We saw and photographed one of these babies at Roebuck Plains Roadhouse on our trip to Broome last July. It was a beauty and had a trailer setup with a Suzuki for the small trips.

  4. Ruby Mason says:

    Steve - We had our launch in Sydney and I am very sorry I didnt see your blob beforehand. I would have invited you.

    If you would like any information or better yet want to spend that $100K please let me know!

    Your project sounds great and will probably increase the number of overseas visitors!

    Ruby Mason
    National Lifestyle Facilitator
    1300 769 330

    • Roth says:

      ahhhhhhhhhhh i want one of these caravans sooloo badly but the only ones i can find are either bashed up massive or really expensive, i just want one that i can do up on the inside and have in my garden, please if any one is selling these in the uk for a reasoable price , email me at

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