Top Australian Water Parks

Way back when I was a kid growing up in the Adelaide suburbs, playing in the sprinkler in the front yard was how we usually cooled off. If we were lucky we'd get to have a dip in the next door neighbours pool or if we were really good an excursion to the 'Gully Gusher' water slide at Tea Tree Gully was occasionally on the cards.

On very special occasions we'd get to go to 'Magic Mountain' down at Glenelg but that was as good as water parks got in those days.

Today we're spoilt for choice with awesome water parks like Wet N Wild on the Gold Coast being even beyond my active childhood imagination.

In the September holidays last year we took our kids for a trip to the Gold Coast where we did the Theme Parks Super Pass ritual visiting a different park every other day, including Wet N Wild which they absolutely loved, especially Buccaneer Bay which kept them amused for a couple of hours by itself.

As you can see in the Escape Travel info graphic below, we have quite a number of these awesome water parks to choose from and with Australia currently baking in high 30 degree temperatures it's a great way to cool off.

This is by no means a comprehensive list as every city has at least a couple of good water parks of one form or another and even towns like Cairns and Airlie Beach with their beachside lagoons are getting into the spirit and making themselves that much more attractive to tourists and travellers looking to cool off.


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