Know Your Car and Camper

We had done our fair share of road trips & camping before we embarked on our trip of a lifetime last year so we knew, or rather my husband Steven knew, every sound & smell our 4WD & Camper made.

Seems silly???

Well think about it, the slightest unusual noise or smell (unusual to the normal) our 4WD or camper made Steven was right onto it.

This meant that anything that may have been leaking, on it's way out or something stuck (sticks under the car) were noticed straight away & we were able to stop & rectify it before it becoming a drama thereby savings us time, money & heartache.

Editors note - I can vouch for this myself - on our Big Lap our front right wheel bearing collapsed in outback Queensland but it didn't happen suddenly. I pulled over to check it when the brakes went spongy but I had been hearing a ticking/clicking sound for the past 20 minutes or so and couldn't figure out what it was. It wouldn't have made any difference in this case as the wheel bearing was long gone but it goes to show that there are signs there if you are alert to them - Steve Baile



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    Neil says:

    Sounds wonderful! I have just bought a used AVan Sportsliner and plan on the Big Lap soon with my sister and two dogs - so a bit restrictive as regards camp spots unfortunately. We want to free camp as much as possible and I am looking forward to viewing Steve's DVDs:)

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