Are these the perfect food storage containers for road trippers?

I picked this tip up from a mate of mine, Rupert, who has driven his Land Rover from London to Cape Town, around Australia and from the bottom of South America to Alaska.

It's fair to say he has some serious road trip experience.

Some years ago, preserved fruit like peaches and pears started to be sold in sealable containers that you could keep in the fridge after they were opened.

Much better than steel cans which really need to be used completely once they are opened.

I'm sure the fruit companies didn't have us in mind but nevertheless, it turns out that the empty containers make perfect storage containers for us road trippers.


For around $3.50 each you get a big container of fruit and the added bonus of a very versatile container.

  • They are square shaped which maximises your storage space - no air gaps - and stops them moving around.
  • They are strong so highly unlikely to break when the going gets rough.
  • They have good airtight seals so will keep the contents fresh and the dust and moisture out.
  • They are big enough to hold a decent amount of whatever it is you want to put in them.
  • They have a big wide mouth so you can fit things like soup packets and flavour sachets in them.
  • They have a big flat top so you can stack them 2 or 3 high or put other items on top.
  • You can throw them in the dishwasher after you've eaten all the fruit and after your road trips.


I reckon you'd be hard pressed to design a better storage container for road trippers like us and as an added bonus they come complete with fruit!

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6 thoughts on “Are these the perfect food storage containers for road trippers?

  1. Alan Hubbard says:

    I also agree - these containers are terrific - I've been using one for coffee grounds for the past couple of years, at home.. coffee stays fairly fresh - even after a year i the fridge!
    If you want to store larger quantities, or longer food items ( such as pasta or spaghetti) there is a brand of flour that is on the market at the average supermarket -- they too are square with a good sealing lid..... and you can find smaller spice containers - obviously good for storing spices in -- but also great for things like pins/needles/cotton in case your sewing skills are required. Have been collecting a variety of this kind of container - I have a set of four of each of these containers.... Always on the look out for other free and handy products that can be adapted for the big loop

  2. Peter says:

    Ditto here on the containers. Best thing since sliced bread when it come to packing.
    Unfortunately the supermarkets have adopted these as their own home brand containers and the Australian factories have a new style which is not quite as useful. There is also some variation in quality of the old squared containers so be wary both of wall thickness and sealing.
    Very kind to the inside of fridges and can also withstand dancing on the wire baskets.

  3. Rob Stanfield says:

    I couldn't agree more. I have been using them for years in my camper trailer. Also good for screws, nuts and bolts and other small spare parts.

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