Where to find cheap gas bottle refills

When you’re road tripping on a budget, every dollar counts so finding somewhere nearby to get your gas bottles filled at the lowest price is always handy.

The price of LPG can vary pretty significantly from under $20 for a 9kg bottle refill to over $40 so it’s worth doing a bit of research.

Bottle swap services have become very popular in recent years and definitely offer a quick and simple solution.

However there are some drawbacks. . .

  • Not all 9kg gas bottle are the same size - you may end up with one that is taller or fatter than yours and it won’t fit in the ‘gas bottle holder’ on your camper trailer or caravan.
  • The bottle you get may be less quality or close to the expiry date meaning you may not be able to get it filled (although bottle swap services will take an expired bottle).
  • You may have a gauge on it like in the image above which you can’t easily remove and swap to the new bottle.

So there are good reasons to seek out a well priced refill service rather than a bottle swap option.

Thankfully, someone has done something about it.

A new website called ‘Gas Bottle Refills’ has just launched as an extension of what was originally just a Facebook group.

The website makes it very easy to find nearby refill services on a Google map based on your current location and in most cases there are prices listed as well.



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7 thoughts on “Where to find cheap gas bottle refills

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    John Staring says:

    This site is a good idea. On a recent trip our travelling companion needed a refill at the van park at Point Samson WA. Staff member had no idea how to go about it. When bottle arrived back at van was not even half full, at a cost over $40.

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