Jamie's Veggie Bolognese | Road Trip Recipe

If you've watched our latest film South Australian Outback Adventure, you'll remember that while we were in the Simpson Desert I made a vegetarian bolognese for dinner and said that I would put the recipe on our blog . . . well here it is.

Savanna (our oldest daughter) has been a vegetarian for a couple of years now so I'm always on the lookout for interesting vegetarian dishes, especially ones that will work well on road trips.

For at least the last year I've been making Jamie's Veggie Bolognese for Savanna at home alongside the normal meat version for the rest of us, but to keep things simple on this road trip we all had the veggie version.

The best thing is that it's actually really delicious.

The porcini mushrooms and lentils do a great job of substituting for the flavour and the texture of the meat and the ingredients are easy to carry and manage on road trips.

The difference between the one that Jamie makes in the video below and what I cooked in the Simpson Desert is that I didn't have any celery, I used port instead of chianti (always have a bottle of port in the camping kit), and I added a can of sweet corn - otherwise it was pretty much the same.

Bon appetite!

SA Outback Adventure - Simpson Desert

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