A Fanatical Sabbatical | Part 7 - Hello Radelaide!

Back in 'Radelaide' temporarily for a wedding, Mad March and some business stuff, the Nortons are taking a 'Sabbatical from their Sabbatical' . . .

Hold the phone folks, a Fanatical Sabbatical needs to take a pragmatical sabbatical from itself! Just like Expedition Australia, our ‘Big Lap’ route is also beginning with a loop back to its starting point within the first 3 months. Just because we are taking 12 months off doesn’t mean the rest of the world is, and to prove this, my sister just happened to book her wedding date right into the first quarter of our trip. The kids are super excited because they have been asked to be flower girl and page boy in the service, so we certainly can’t be missing this family event of the year!

Not too much of a problem, we built the return visit to our home town of Adelaide into our loose route planning, by putting western Victoria and Tasmania at the start. We can now loop back into centrally located old Adelaide before heading off again in whichever direction the wind takes us, after the grand shin-dig is over.

It’s actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Firstly, we already have a big list of items we would like to dump back into storage at our house while in town – and our lovely tenants are very flexible with us accessing all our belongings and storage space. Even considering our bare minimum packing skills we still have items that we cant wait to off load, notably the colder weather items Tasmania required. Extra shoes, begone. Kids toys, goodbye. Random spare kettle that surfaced, see ya later. Spare room for the camper trailer, Sayonara. That kinda thing.

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - 2018

We are also picking up a few other things: The mini webber kettle BBQ – we have the space and we need a raised fire pit to avoid damaging the ground; the kids school books – the first leg of the trip was an extended summer holiday, but we will have to get down to the business of reading and writing when we set off again; and to be honest, that’s about it! Less is best!

It’s also a bloody fabulous time of year to be in Adelaide, and there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own town for a spell. The weather is booming, the Adelaide Festival and Fringe is in full swing (Mad March, come at me!) and all the family are in town for the nuptials, so it looks like it will be party time for us. We are staying at a friends house for a few weeks, the kids will be heading back to school so we can get some work done while in town, and we might even be able to get down to some actual itinerary planning. If any one reading this blog would like to throw some tips our way as to wether we should head West, North or East from Adelaide at this time of the year, bring it on! We welcome the advice.

A Fanatical Sabbatical

‘Mark, Kim and the kids are leaving behind their home in the Adelaide Hills to jaunt around the country side while they manage their arborist business remotely. Normally enrolled in ‘bush school’, they thought they could push the kids outdoor eduction experience a little further by living outside for a year.

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Stevie getting the camping dreadlocks combed out

A slight change of grubby camping clothes for Caspar

Hanging out with our host in Adelaide, Uncle Frank, a school teacher helping to cram some maths lessons in to make up for lost time at school while away

One thought on “A Fanatical Sabbatical | Part 7 - Hello Radelaide!

  1. Mike and Elle says:

    Hi guys!
    Love reading about the trip. My partner and I have been on the road for over a year and really enjoyed our 4wd and roof top tent. Currently we are in Asia and can’t wait to get back home for the rest of the Australia. With that being said about this time last year we headed north from Adelaide.
    So many great things to see along the way. Coober Pedy is a must and book a night underground. Dalhousie Springs is also a must. There are many other things I’m leaving out.
    Really really loved the center!! We didn’t make many plans and felt like 4-6 weeks is needed to get through all the desert has to offer. Uluru and the West Mac’s are simply amazing.
    Then the nights became too cold for us and we jetted to FNQ and stayed on the beach, north of Cairns, for 4 solid weeks. The timing worked out well for us to head south and see family and friends at different parts. Next we ‘rushed’ our last month or two back to Melbourne for Christmas.
    At the end of this year we will leave Melbourne around October to go west of Adelaide. So if you choose that direction after the wedding, we look forward from hearing from you.

    Either way you can’t go wrong and it will be the right choice!

    Mike and Elle (@ofnofixedabode)

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