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It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting with my Mum in her lounge room in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

It’s freezing outside and the weather over the last couple of days has been rubbish - cold wind and rain with only fleeting glimpses of the sun.

But tonight there’s a couple of logs burning in the fireplace keeping the room toasty warm. Buddy, the Dalmatian, is cuddled up next to me on the couch while Mum is on the other side sipping her cup of tea.

Tomorrow Buddy and I will be leaving to start our next big road trip adventure,

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of the usual pre-trip craziness, some of which I’ve managed to capture on film.

We drove over from Melbourne and arrived here yesterday afternoon and I’ve been busy with the final preps for the trip so that we can get an early start tomorrow (that's the plan anyway!).

Before Buddy and I left Melbourne we dropped Jen, Savanna, Sara and Sienna off at the airport and they flew out for a week and half holiday in Hawaii - a girls trip of shopping, sightseeing, nice food and whatever else it is they do on girls trips.

But Buddy and I have other plans . . .

While the thought of a week in the sun in Hawaii was definitely tempting, the lure of an outback adventure was just too strong.

Last year Savanna, Sara, Sienna and I took 3 weeks and did a 5,500km road trip through the South Australia Outback including crossing the Simpson Desert from west to east. We called it our 'South Australian Outback Adventure'.

We travelled up the Oodnadatta Track on our way to the Simpson Desert on that trip but given our tight timeframe we didn’t have much time to spend on the track itself and I vowed to come back soon and spend some more time exploring the track a bit more thoroughly.

So this year our trip will start in Adelaide and we’ll head straight for the Oodnadatta Track and have a couple more days up our sleeve to take our time.

I’m also hoping that we may see some water in Lake Eyre as the recent big rains in Queensland have been slowing working their way down south and into the lake.

We’re then going to keep heading north with our ultimate goal being to make it to Lake Argyle way up in the East Kimberley.

If you’ve seen our film series, The Big Lap, you’ll remember we spent over 6 weeks at Lake Argyle on our way around Australia and I also filmed a separate documentary while we were there about the history of the lake, the Ord River Scheme and the East Kimberley region, Discovering Lake Argyle.

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Since then the locals have been busy and there's been some new developments including the expansion of the Ord River Scheme so I’m heading back to see what’s new and film some updates for the 2019 edition of Discovering Lake Argyle.

Unlike previous trips where we have a well planned itinerary from the start, this time with just Buddy and I to worry about, I’m keeping it open and I’ll figure it out as we go.

While the ultimate mission is to get to Lake Argyle, the route there and back is open and flexible.

I’m definitely not planning to drive up and down the Stuart Highway though and will be looking to spend as much time off the beaten track as possible. The Old Ghan Railway, The Tanami Road and coming back through Outback Queensland are all on the list of possible routes.

Am I filming this trip?

Yep, but I’m not making a DVD.

If you already own a copy of Discovering Lake Argyle either on DVD or Online then you’ll get automatic access to the updated 2019 edition (Online) on our website when it’s completed later in the year.

But for the trip itself I’m making a YouTube series which you can watch on our YouTube channel for free.

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If all goes to plan, I’ll be back in Melbourne in early August after about 25 days on the road and my goal is to have the first episode finished within a week or two with the rest following steadily after that.

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And, finally . . if you see us on the road make sure you say G'day.

Steve & Buddy

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8 thoughts on “Steve & Buddy's Big Adventure

  1. Simone says:

    Hi Steve,

    The kids were so excited when we realised it was you on the way into Alice. FYI, the sign said: "Hi Steve and Buddy!!!".

    When we overtook you I caught 'Expedition Australia' on your car out of the corner of my eye and did a double-take as it wasn't your planned route and, really, what are the chances/!? Then there was furious phone checking by the kids for your licence plate, photo vs face comparisons, is there a dalmation in the car, etc. Finally, we had complete agreement that it was really you and we wanted to say Hi!

    Whenever we go on road trips (or in this case a fly in, rental car road trip) the kids always reminisce about watching The Big Lap. Hope this trip lives up to everything you have planned and that the diff behaves until you get home. Safe travels and enjoy 🙂

  2. Jac says:

    We have been following your dvds the last one was the South Aust Outback with the girls.....its is sad that the girls prefer to go on a shopping holiday instead of the Lake Argyle trip but im sure buddy will enjoy

  3. Ash Andrew says:

    Thanks for the update Steve certainly will be looking forward to your up coming adventure enjoy and stay safe mate great work for past work and what your endeavours over the next few weeks blessings

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