What to do with your old home movie video tapes and films

How to save your home movies before they fade away

If you’re like a lot of people you’ve probably got a box of old home movie video tapes or even film reels in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

These films from your family holidays, weddings and other special events are precious family memories that you want to preserve and pass on to your kids or even sit down and watch them with them some time.

But chances are you probably don’t have a video tape player or film projector capable of playing them any more.

AND worse still, they are slowly deteriorating and will become completely unwatchable (Video tapes start deteriorating within a few years, even when stored correctly).

Gone forever!

So what do you do?

Well there is a solution.

Relife Image Transfer can take your old tapes and films and transfer them all to DVD so you can have a permanent digital copy and also be able to watch them all again in your DVD or Bluray player.

They can even make a digital copy as well onto a USB so you can watch them on your computer.

Relife can take virtually any video tape format including VHS, Mini DV, Video 8, Hi8 and even Beta.

Plus they can convert your old 8mm and 16mm films as well.

Ordering is easy

All you need to do is go and find your box of films and tapes and tally up how many of each you have then contact Peter at Relife for a quote. Pricing is based on per tape regardless of how long each one is so don’t worry if you can’t remember what’s on each tape - they’ll just transfer the entire contents of each to it’s own DVD. Film transfer prices are based on the reel size.

Email: relifeimage@gmail.com
Phone: 0412 799 372
Website: www.relifeimagetransfer.com.au

Once you have your quote, package up your tapes and films and post them by Registered Post to:

Relife Image Transfer
PO Box 718,
Rosanna, VIC 3084
(Registered Post is secure and trackable to make sure they don’t get lost).

Once your job is complete, Relife will give you a call to finalise payment and then post your tapes, films and newly copied DVD’s back to you by Registered Post (you’ll need to sign for them).

It’s that easy.

Special Offer - Get an extra DVD free

Now as it turns out, Relife Image Transfer is my Dad’s business and in the spirit of him helping me to help you, he’ll give you and extra copy of your DVD worth $10.00 - so you’ll have a copy for yourself and an extra one to give as a gift. This offer is valid until Christmas and you won't find it on his website so just tell him ‘Steve Sent me’ when you get your quote.

Give Peter a call, or shoot him an email and let him know what you need copied and he’ll organise a quote for you.

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