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Just like most 4WD's, I'm running two batteries in the Landcruiser - the main starter battery and a deep cycle battery for powering the fridge, camp lights etc.

The two batteries are separated by a Piranha isolator switch which prevents the starter battery from being flattened overnight by the fridge ensuring it's still ready to start the engine next morning.

However if for any reason the starter battery goes flat (for example the interior light being left on) I can use a jumper cable to connect the two batteries and 'jumpstart' the car off the deep cycle battery.

But in my quest to lighten the load and reduce the gear I need to carry I've taken it to the next level and actually 'built in' the jumper cable so now jump starting the car is as simple as flicking a swicth.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

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3 thoughts on “How to make a built in jumper cable | Project80

  1. Shayne Taylor says:

    The concept is good, but, I don't see how there is any weight saving as the fixed cable is likely just as heavy as a jumper lead. My main concern though is the routing of the cable across the front of the vehicle. The cable is live from the deep cycle to the switch. In the event of even a minor front end accident it has the potential to be a source of sparks. Would be much safer is re-routed around the back of the engine bay

    • admin says:

      Gday Shayne, the built in cable is quite a lot lighter than the one it replaced and it’s one less thing I need to find space for somewhere. Valid points about the live wire issue but there are also winch cables and the other positive battery leads around the same area. I’m going to add some corrugated plastic around the cables to protect from rubbing through while on rough roads so will look at how I can possible re-route them to be further from the front.

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