Oz Tent RV-3 Lite tent

NEW Oztent RV-3 Lite Tent

I've always been a fan of Oztent's simple and practical tent designs.

They're quick to set up and pack up, durable and impervious to the elements.

We've taken our RV-5 with us on the roof rack of the Landcruiser on most of our trips over the last 10 years and probably used it for more than 100 nights so far.

If I have one complaint about it though is that it's on the heavy side when compared with other similar sized tents.

So I was interested to see that Oztent has just launched a new RV-3 Lite tent which is a lighter weight version of their classic RV-3 tent.

The same overall shape, size and functionality but with lighter weight materials.

At 19.5kg it's about 2.5kg lighter than the original and while that isn't a dramatic difference, when you're lifting it up and down off the roof every day on a road trip, every kilogram counts.

And if you're trying to get the overall weight of your rig down to keep it under the GVM then every kilogram REALLY counts!

The new RV-3 Lite is also priced lower than the original at $849 ($799 at Snowys) which is $300 cheaper than the RRP of the original RV-3.

Check out the RV-3 Lite and order online at Snowy's

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