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[VIDEO] STEP-BY-STEP: How to use our Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet

In this video below I'm going to show you step-by-step how you can use our Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet to estimate how much money you will need to do your Big Lap road trip around Australia.

When it comes to planning a road trip around Australia, figuring out how to finance your trip is definitely one of the biggest questions and obstacles that Big Lappers need to tackle.

This is why I created the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet and so far it's helped thousands of people with their Big Lap trip planning.

Hopefully it will help you too.

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How the Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet works

It's impossible for anyone to tell you how much it will cost you to do a Big Lap around Australia.

There are many theories like 'One Dollar Per Kilometre' or '$1000 per week' and while they might work for some people, they may not work for you.

The problem is that the budget for a young couple bush camping their way around Australia will be completely different to a family with a 2 or 3 kids towing a big caravan and staying in high end caravan parks most of the way.

The Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet takes all of the variables relevant to your situation and how you expect your trip to go and shows you how much money you will need.

Of course it's not an exact science and you should look at it as a guide only, but it will give you a starting point and good feel for the sort of savings and income you'll need to make your trip happen.

Once you have the numbers plugged into the spreadsheet, you can keep adjusting and manipulating them to see what it's going to take to get the magical 'green bottom line' which means you have enough money.

And ultimately my goal is to help you to turn your dream for doing The Big Lap into a reality and getting the finances worked out is a great place to start.

So with that said, go ahead and watch the video below and I'll take you through the different features of the spreadsheet and explain how they work.

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