Do I need to upgrade my suspension for the Gibb River Road?

In this video I answer a question from Ian McIntosh who wants to know if he needs to upgrade his 2004 Prado's suspension for the Gibb River Road.

One of my goals for 2020 is to make a LOT more videos for Youtube & Facebook.

So to get the ball rolling, I've kicked off the new year with a new video project which I'm calling 'Ask Steve'.

We get quite a lot of questions from people planning big road trips like 'The Big Lap' and I love answering them and usually spend some time every day at the keyboard.

But often the same or similar questions come up over and over.

Rather than answer them all 'one to one' I figured it would make more sense to get the video camera out and just make a video instead.

So that's what I'm doing and the first one is now live on YouTube.

In this first video I answer a question from Ian McIntosh.

Ian wants to know whether he needs to upgrade the suspension on his 2004 Landcruiser Prado to tackle the Gibb River Road.

He'll be towing his Bushranger Joey offroad caravan and has already tackled the Oodnadatta Track.

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