INEOS Grenadier Exempt from Luxury Car Tax in Australia

In an email sent to subscribers today, INEOS Automotive has announced that their eagerly anticipated Grenadier 4WD will be exempt from the Luxury Car Tax in Australia.

"INEOS Automotive have been working with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on a Private Ruling exempting the Grenadier from Luxury Car Tax (LCT).

The ATO has recognised that due to the Grenadier’s design, engineering and capability, it is not considered a Luxury Car for tax purposes and therefore all Wagon models, options and accessories are exempt from LCT."

Removing the Luxury Car Tax will save between approximately $4000 and $14,000 depending on whether buyers choose the base model or fully spec'd model with all available options.

INEOS has a comprehensive 'configurator' on their website to help you build & personalise your Grenadier.

Prices in the configurator have been updated to reflect the removal of the Luxury Car Tax.

Click here to configure your INEOS Grenadier

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