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In The Beginning

G'day Road Trippers

We're Steve & Jen Baile and we’ve been travelling together since the early 1990’s when we bought our first 4WD, a dual cab Hilux, and did a 4 week road trip from Melbourne to Darwin and back. Despite it being in January and the middle of the wet season we had an awesome adventure and the road trip travel bug bit deep.

In the years that followed we explored the Kimberley, Cape York, the Red Centre, Tassie and many more places from weekend trips to 10 week epics like our Cape York adventure in 1998.

Field testing our new Hilux at Wilsons Prom before driving to Darwin in 1993

Our first trip to cape York in 1998

Our Landcruiser on it's first big road trip to Cape York in 1998

During that 10 week trip to Cape York back in 1998 we were having so much fun that we started dreaming about something bigger.

We started saying things like "What if we took a year off and drove right around Australia?"

We had our own small printing business in Melbourne at the time and the idea of making some babies was on the horizon as well, so packing up to take a year off seemed impossible.

A nice idea but not realistic!

The problem was that the idea just would not quit!

We kept talking about it after that Cape York trip and slowly but surely the idea turned into a plan and many years later that plan became a reality.

The Big Lap

After finally selling our business and most of our ‘stuff’ we packed what was left into a storage garage, bought a camper trailer, loaded it up along with our trusty 80 Series Landcruiser and escaped on a 16 month Big Lap around Australia.

By then we had two daughters Savanna who was 4 and Sara who was just 20 months old the day we left.

This turned out to be an epic, life changing adventure in more ways than one.

Day 4 of 'The Big Lap' up at Mt Hotham - Look how clean everything is (it won't last!)

Day 359 of 'The Big Lap' at Cobourg Peninsula in the NT - Another glorious sunset

When we talked about plans for our Big Lap to friends and family in the years before we left, a common response from people was . . . ‘Are you guys STILL talking about that trip!” . . . but also, “We would love to do that but can’t because . . mortgage, kids, job, family, money etc.” . . . so we’ll do it as grey nomads when we are old.

I don’t know how many times we had that conversation and we were always justifying why we felt it was important to do it now, while we are young.

We wanted to spend quality time with our kids before they grow up and go out and make their own lives.

We wanted to have the experience and the adventure while we were young enough to climb the mountains and tackle the hard stuff.

You never know what's around the corner and we were more concerned that we would regret NOT doing it than we we would DOING it.

But I’d be lying if I said that in the face of so much negativity we didn’t doubt ourselves from time to time!

Society puts us on a path and getting off that path, even for only a year or two, can be tough.

Despite that, we were determined and we pushed on and we made it happen!

But, we also went one step further . . .

We wanted to capture the experience both for ourselves & our girls to look back on one day but also to share with others, to inspire other people with similar dreams to follow in our footsteps, to show that if regular people like us could do it then they could to.

To give some hope and inspiration for everyone else out there who also wants to jump off the well worn 'get a job, get a mortgage, get old and die' path for a while.

So about 6 months before we left we spent a chunk of our savings on a really good HD video camera and all the gear that goes with it, microphones, tripods, lenses etc.

And we started filming.

From the challenges we faced before the trip getting to the start line right through to the finish line nearly 2 years later we filmed everything we could.

In the end we shot over 200 hours of footage capturing the experience including the highs and lows, the challenges, the places, the people and the amazing country that we live in.

We didn't set out to make a 'how to' film or a 'Getaway Style' pretty destinations film, our mission was to capture the genuine experience of a real family leaving behind the rat race and escaping on a real adventure.

We wanted to bring you along with us on the journey.

After the trip was finished we edited all that footage into a 10 episode series which we call ‘The Big Lap’.

It was a huge job (really huge job!) and it took a while to finish it, but like the trip itself, persistence paid off and we got there.

Since we launched it a few years ago, The Big Lap Series has been seen by more than 100,000 people and, just like we hoped, it's already inspired thousands to chase their own travel dreams and it continues to do so today.

Every day we get feedback like this:

"Just watched it all in two days. Starting to plan our trip today. What an adventure. Thanks for the inspiration."


"Good stuff, watching last one tonight - well done! I'm packing my off road van now and 4WD is ready, see u on the road or off."


"We began our trip a week ago and we're so inspired by your DVDs. I've watched it so many times & our 7 yr old daughter has been watching it again as we travel! Love it!"


"It's the best 4WD camping DVD out. I have watched my copy 3 times and love it, very inspirational."


"Fantastic, ordered for my partners birthday watched the first DVD yesterday it was great. It was down to earth and made travelling real - will certainly assist with travel plans which are 18 months off. Well done."


Watch The Preview

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