Over the past few years we've enabled other travellers to share their adventure on their trip around Australia by building and hosting a mini 'expedition website' as part of the Expedition Australia site. This has always been a free service we've provided in the spirit of encouraging and supporting around Australia travellers.

The only problem was that setting up and managing these sites was a fairly time consuming process so earlier this year we had to stop taking on new expedition sites . . . . but, it's something that we're working on because first and foremost we want Expedition Australia to evolve into a strong community of around Australia travellers and what better way than to share your adventure with other travellers and those planning their trips.

With the move to a WordPress platform which we're launching in September 2011, we'll have the underlying site architecture to build a much more useful and automated site so Expedition Sites will be back on the agenda soon.

All of the sites we built and hosted are still active and you can reach them at their original URL or by clicking the drop down 'Your Expeditions' menu above.

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