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G'day Guys

If you're making plans to do a Big Lap around Australia then this book will save you money . . . potentially thousands of dollars!

With all of the gear you need to buy, the cost of caravan parks these days and the inflated cost of fuel and food in remote areas . . .who can afford to go at all?!

But don't worry . . .

There are ways to beat the high costs and I'm going to show them to you.

We know about road trips on a budget

On our 16 month Big Lap we travelled on a very tight budget.

In fact our already tight budget took a beating after we rolled our Landcruiser and camper trailer 10 weeks into the trip and we had to write some BIG cheques to get it fixed.

So then we had even less money than we thought we'd have.

This is our rig just after it all went pear shaped - little did we know then that the damage was even worse than it looked!


One way or another we were determined to make sure this setback didn't end our trip altogether.

So we found ways to make it work.

And we stretched our budget further and completed our trip.

What you'll get with this new eBook

My top 22 tips for saving money . . . Including:

  • How to completely avoid the huge cost of buying expensive fuel in remote towns
  • How to save thousands on fuel by selecting the right vehicle
  • How to reduce fuel consumption and reduce wear on your tyres though good tyre management
  • How to avoid expensive powered caravan park sites but still have all the facilities
  • How to setup your vehicle to be as cost efficient as possible
  • How to manage your money to make it stretch further

. . . and much more.

Even if you only use a few of the tips in this eBook it could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Good luck with your trip planning and I'll see you on the road.


Steve Baile
Expedition Australia

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Includes eBook in PDF format | Privacy Policy