Discovering Lake Argyle Online

3 FILMS (138 mins)


About Discovering Lake Argyle


Join Filmmaker Steve Baile on a journey through time as he explores the birth of Lake Argyle and the Ord River Scheme, along the way uncovering the region’s rich pioneering history and showcasing the spectacular rugged East Kimberley.

During peak flood in the wet season, enough water flows down the Ord River in a single hour to supply Perth for 10 years making its volume of water second only to the Amazon in South America.

Today this water is harnessed by the spectacular Lake Argyle, Australia’s largest man made body of fresh water and the reservoir that feeds the Ord River Scheme, one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Australia’s history.

Discovering Lake Argyle includes film footage from the original dam construction documentaries, interviews with local experts and spectacular high definition aerial cinematography.

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  • The Durack family history
  • Diversion Dam & Ord Dam construction
  • The Ord River Scheme
  • Spectacular Ord River & Lake Argyle
  • Local attractions

Plus interviews with local experts:

  • Charlie Sharpe
  • Greg Smith
  • Jeff Hayley
  • Michael Durack Byers

Bonus Films
Also includes the complete and unedited original construction documentaries for the Kununurra Diversion Dam (The Ord Project) and the Ord Dam (Ord River Dam)


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