The Big Lappers Guide Book (eBook)

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Planning a Big Lap road trip around Australia?

START HERE > Download a copy of our 300+ page Big Lappers Guide Book (eBook PDF) which is packed full of information, web links and other resources to help you plan your own Big Lap around Australia.

The Big Lappers Guide Book (eBook PDF) answers hundreds of questions that aspiring Big Lappers have like:

  • How to plan your budget & finance your trip
  • How to find work along the way
  • What sort of vehicle and van/camper is best for you
  • How to setup your camp kitchen
  • How to free camp your way around Australia
  • What remote communications do you need
  • What to do if something goes wrong

And HUNDREDS more questions answered!

  • 300+ Pages
  • 200+ Chapters
  • 150+ Web-links
  • eBook (PDF) format - works on any tablet, laptop or PC with PDF Reader software (Adobe Acrobat)
  • FREE Lifetime Updates when we release new editions
  • Available for immediate download

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