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Everyone's an expert at something, right?

What are you an expert at?

What nugget of gold, what juicy tip have you got that you could share with the Expedition Australia community of road trip lovers?

Maybe it’s a great camp oven receive or a little known free camping spot . . . a mechanical tip or a way to save money on your trip.

We're looking for Australia's best Road Trip Tips to publish on our website and share across the Internet with our Road Trip Loving community.

And as a reward for helping us out, if we publish your tip we'll send you a 10-in-1 Mini Multitool as a thank you (limit one per author).

What type of tips are we looking for?

  • Bush cooking recipes & tips
  • Mechanical tips
  • 4WDing tips
  • Camp setup tips
  • Money saving tips
  • Secret free camping spots
  • How to . . . . . . tips
  • Camper trailer tips
  • Caravan tips
  • Photography tips
  • Fishing tips
  • Survival tips

. . . and pretty much any other type of tip that road trippers like us are going to find useful.

Some examples:

Click here to see some of the Road Trip Tips we've published

As with all content on the internet, the cream rises to the top so the better your tip and the more effort you put into it, the more it will get shared and the more people will see it.

What’s the criteria for a tip?

  • It needs to be a minimum of 200 words but can be longer if it needs to be
  • We need at least one (but preferably more) good photo or video from YouTube/Vimeo - they must be your original content
  • If it's a video, we need the transcript as well or a version of the tip in writing so people can read it and Google can find it
  • It must be original, something you’ve created - don’t just send us a link to someone else's content or copy and paste it from somewhere
  • It must be different to the other tips we’ve already published
  • It must be genuinely useful

Terms & Conditions

You can send us multiple tips and we may publish any or all of them but there is a limit of one 10-in-1 Mini Multitool per author.

We will only publish your tip if we think it's genuinely good. Tips that are obvious and common knowledge are not likely to be published. We're looking to uncover new ideas that most people probably wouldn't know about and would find really useful.

If you're not sure if your tip is what we’re looking for then shoot us an email though our Contact Page with your idea first and we’ll see what we think of it.

Click here to see some of the Road Trip Tips we've published

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