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Feedback for The Big Lap

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"What an awesome set of DVDs. My hubby and I love travelling and camping, we did a 6 month travel before having our 2 kids. Since having them we haven't had much chance to travel with them although we would love to. Such a great experience for kids. Your travels have inspired me to make sure we at the very least get some small trips done in the next few years."
Emma Llewellyn


"Gday, Sat down over the weekend while it was 43 degrees outside with wife and kids over a few beers watched your DVD all 3 discs in a marathon. Bloody brilliant it was I have the bug now. Am starting to set up a 4x4 and add a few things to my camper trailer and we are going on a few small trips first then time for a cape York trip. Congratulations on putting together such an awesome show."
Nick Kendall


"Hi Guys, Just finished watching The Big Lap, it was so enjoyable, well done. It was so easy to watch and so easy to get hooked on!!! Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about travelling (near or far) around our beautiful country. What an amazing journey, thanks for sharing it with us and inspiring us to get out there with our two young children. Cant wait for your next dvd series ... !!! and can't wait to start our trip!!!"
Shane and Olivia Taylor 🙂


"I've watched the first 4 episodes on disc 1 and can't wait to watch the rest of the series. We have a landcruiser and a camper trailer and have done a trip from central Queensland to Western Australia, going through the Northern Territory and the Nullabor. At the time we had time restrictions, so I'm looking forward to doing it again at our leisure. You've inspired me to want to get out there and see as much as this country as we can."
Sandy Willcott


"Hi guys, Oh I just bought your dvd's to get information thought it may be helpful if we take the plunge. We are a little older than you so now need a few more luxuries, but have done quite a bit of tent camping many years ago. So I received your dvds and like some others I did not stop watching just one I could not stop until I had watched them all. Just wonderful I laughed with you and cried with you I felt like I was with you . You are a wonderful couple and I love your girls, you are an inspiration for young families. I congratulate you and thanks for all the wonderful tips I will be able to use if we eventually decide to make the big trip. Best wishes to you all."
Sue Slattery


"Hi guys, I collect Australian travel documentaries and I would have to say that this is up there with the best of them. Well done Steve, Jen and Kids!!!"
Matt Clarke


"Thank you for putting all this together what an adventure you all had, i enjoyed it immensly"
Craig Fiander


"Hi Steve, Jen, Savanna & Sara
Well that was certainly the most entertaining set of videos we have ever watched. You are blessed to have been able to make such a journey with your kids and at an age fit enough to endure it.
We have done some short trips out and around the middle of Australia on annual leave time and while out there always come up with "Lets Keep Going" then take the chicken track home.
After 20 years of trying to make a trip to Cape York happen we finally had the perfect opportunity, planned to every detail we set off for our 6 week adventure in July this year. It lasted 3 days and ended in Emerald QLD with me ending up at Prince Charles Hospital cardiac unit. So again it is on the back burner.
Watching "The Big Lap" has given us that injection of adventure to pick up the pieces and get on with planning our next big trip, many thanks to the Baile family for putting us back in the saddle."
Paul & Colleen Vidler


"Hi Steve and Jen, Thanks heaps for going to all the effort of making the DVD. You really gave us a strong sense of what life would be like on the road for a year. Like many my wife and i want to take our 2 kids around Australia too. This DVD has probably taken us a little closer to our dream. Would be great to hear from you both what you would differently next time. e.g. different type of camper trailer, spend more time in a particular place etc. Thanks again"
Adam Herbert


"My fiancée bought the DVD from Sanity and from the moment we started watching it, we were hooked. Each night we couldn't wait to watch another episode, or two or three! We've been telling our friends and family all about the series also as we think it's a great watch for everyone! You've inspired us, and one day would love to be in a position to be able to do The Big Lap also!"
Criton & Alysha Sinn

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - 2018


"G'day guys, just finished watching The Big Lap and what an inspirational series you guys have put together, thoroughly enjoyed it, plus it was a nice change from the usual full noise through bog holes, carving tracks up, followed by hard core winching from other shows I've seen. Awesome, down to earth Aussie family living the dream. Thanks guys."
Lewis Nethercott


"What a fantastic story. Thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my husband. I didn't want it to end. We are planning our big trip for next year. It has certainly opened up my eyes to what is out there and what can be done if you set your mind to it. Please keep the stories and the tales coming along with your wonderful family. Savanna and Sara certainly made me smile and laugh. They are a credit to you both."
Linda Davies


"Hi Steve & Jen,loved the DVD your children were simply amazing ,they really made the show funny . . . 'not another hike' haha."
Dot ellis


"Just finished watching the Big lap. Thankyou for sharing your amazing adventure. You have showed us what we started out doing 17 years ago but didn't complete. But you have given us itchy feet once again and the inspiration to finish our lap. Absolutely loved your DVD series."
Peter Hendriks


"Hi Steve & Jen, Thank you for such an inspiring set of Videos, it brought back memories of a time back in 1988 when we dragged the kids out of school and took off for 3 years. We were riveted to the TV for days.
You have opened up memories that we had forgotten about long ago and we thank you for that.
We have now purchased a van & a 4wd and are going to do it all over again thanks to you both.
Now in our 60's we can't wait, so thank you , good luck with your endeavours and we may see you out there somewhere."
Steve & Gail Nicholls


"Hi Guys,  We've just finished watching your DVD and absolutely loved it! Educational, inspirational, funny, just a great show. One part that my husband especially loved was when you were in the Pt Lincoln National Park and you had a flat battery. The exact same thing happened to him with his mates about 25 years ago!
Had you given any thought to maybe doing a Big Lap of NZ? We took our 3 kids (16, 14 & 3) there in 2012 and spent 3 weeks in a motorhome travelling 4,000 kms over the North & South Islands. Not nearly as adventurous as you, but there was certainly heaps of places to see & things to do. We could easily spend another 3 weeks and still not see it all.
Thanks for making such a great show and we look forward to watching more of your adventures!"
Samantha Dittmar


"Hi Steve & Jen, my wife & I thoroughly enjoyed your families trip on DVD. Great to see the girls enjoying Australia at such a young age. Well done on your adventure & video production. We plan to set off on our big lap in 2016 in a caravan set up for free-camping - can't wait! Thanks & best regards David & Michelle, Melbourne"
David Orrock


"Hi Steve, Just wanted to drop you a note to say well done on your video production. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A funny thing happened to me when I was watching a few of your vids one night. My 3.5yr old could not sleep so he came down stairs and sat with me through two of the shows. I was expecting him to sleep but for some reason he was glued to the TV set. He looked so excited when I told him we would be doing all those things too. He's a quiet chap but definitely into traveling now. It was a nice moment for me. Anyway, well done and good luck with the next adventure."
John O'Grady


"Guy's that was the best DVD I have ever watched, we watched it over two days over the Xmas break, it was so inspirational that I said to my husband, that is what I want to do, my parents did the same trip 25 years ago when they retired, the only thing they missed out on was the cape tip of Australia due to the wet season. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. Regards Leanne :-)"

Leanne Atkinson


"We watched The Big Lap in a few sittings - awesome job! We belong to a group that make short films and we know just how hard it is to get the professional and engaging finished product that you have released. My wife and I would recommend The Big Lap to any adventurers (actual or armchair). We are planning a similar trip except we will be in the grey nomad class 🙂 Thanks again, Al."

Alan Brooks


"Just watching your video now, absolutely love it, very well put together and very entertaining and informative, well done guys!! from leith, Jutta & Joel in Two Rocks, Western Australia, we are also planning a trip like this in the not too distant future, doing Karijini NP later this year & many more to follow, Great work Steve & Jen, Savanna & Sara!"

Leith, Jutta & Joel Wilkinson


"Really good DVD, watched it twice, Will there be another one soon?"

Nathan Hibbert


"Just finished watching your dvd's at 5am,was up all night couldn't turn it off,will watch it again when the kids get home from school."

Nick Bartle


"Awesome DVD guys. Always had thoughts about travelling Aus, saw the preview on Facebook and had to get the DVD. Didn't disappoint! As a 27 year old single full time worker and home owner / renovator it seems like a far fetched idea, but you've definitely planted the seed! Great family too, congrats for living the dream!"
Brenton De Vries


"Huge congrats Steve and Jen, what a top insight into how a massive trip like this actually happens, from planing to execution "not to mention the recording"! My whole family absolutely loved following your trip - How inspiring!"
Shannon Froome


"Received the DVD on Friday - the misses and I thought we would watch it over a few days. Well we put the first disk Saturday midday and could not contain ourselves, watched all 3 disks on the Saturday - when friends rang we said we weren't home as we didn't want to miss a minute
Best Aussie adventure movie I have ever watched, a down to earth Aussie family living the dream."
Max Thorbjornsen

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - 2018


"Received mine the other day and it was watched, in total in just 2 sittings. A truly great story, beautifully filmed, showing a family enjoying themselves. No bad language, just a nice wholesome DVD full of fun and adventure. Thanks for the inspiration to go further afield."
Greg Cooke


"Hi Steve, Thank you. It was awesome. We have been through similar vehicle problems with our trip to the cape. It was an awesome video. We plan to do a big lap some time soon as well. So it was a great encouragement watching you go through planning, prep, and execution stages. Loved it."
Dave Runham


"Hi Steve, thanks so much for this enlightening and entertaining DVD series, we have received ours and have already watched the first disc through, it gives hope for the trip that we want to do this coming 2014 winter, to the top (cape York) with our three kids who will be Dylan almost 4 and Thomas and Abigail twins who will be just 3."
Rob Goschnick


"Just wanted to say thank you for your DVD. It is amazing!! We have watched 3 episodes so far. I must have been an exhilarating journey. Jen is awesome!"
Sharon Ruigrok


"Received the DVD set and have had chance to watch the first two episodes. Great work - enjoying it immensely. I already feel like I'm part of the family watching the adventures as they happen."
Ian Clarke


"G'day Steve and Jen,just received the Big Lap DVD, what a ripper, real down to earth people you are, you both have that mischievous/cheekiness and a liking for the simple things like a VB beer, none of the political correct stuff, the kids were terrific, they would have learnt heaps on the trip, good on you and all the best for the festive season and the future."
Barry Anderson


"We've just finished watching your first DVD and have been taking notes down of some of the things you've suggested. It's great reference material and highly entertaining. The videography and information is fantastic and captivating. You and Jen have done a first class job on it. We are looking forward to watching the rest of the set to see how you get on.
Good luck with the DVD. I hope it gets picked up and shown on TV as it should. It's first class and every Australian should watch it to see what they are missing out on."
Stuart Johnson


"My husband watched your entire DVD in one night - very enjoyable guys :)"
Kasey Vaughan-Koch


"We got the DVD xmas eve, Graeme and I have just finished watching it, loved every bit of it, fantastic and well done. Congrats to you and your beautiful family."
Robyn Turner


"Steve, Thanks very much, we have already watched the first DVD and are half way thru the second....The whole family have been totally mesmerised and it has renewed all our desire to travel this great country of ours again!"
Dave Borg


"I purchased The Big Lap DVDs as a Christmas present for myself and my hubby. We have a pop out off road caravan we like to take on holidays and also have a nearly 3 year old daughter. The Big Lap was fantastic, we've already watched the series, in between family xmas gatherings 🙂 The filming was awesome and the realism of travelling with kids was perfect for us. We have plans one day to do our own Big Lap - before we get too old and grumpy to enjoy it! Thanks again for taking on the adventure and showing us all that it is do-able :)"
Tammy King


"Hi Steve I bought your dvd before xmas and I just wanted to email you to say woooow. I totally enjoyed watching your expedition, you have an incredible family I loved every bit of your trip. I am sooo jealous you did an incredible job filming. Thank you for sharing it with me. Once again my partner and I watched it over the xmas break and finished watching it last night before new year came in. You and your wife and kids are amazing. Take care and thanx again."
Oliver Douglas


"Hi Steve, what a great DVD to watch, it was really good to watch a travel DVD showing a real life journey, (not one made up for the cameras). It was good to see you travel on 4WD tracks and not winch yourself through a small mud hole like most other 4WD shows.
It must be hard to get back into normal life style after a long adventure, maybe one day hopefully soon,(just got to work around kids and school) and I will too be heading on a great adventure like yourself"
Tyronne Williams


"We've watched all three DVD's over the Christmas period and marvelled at your exploits . . . and with two small children. We're full of admiration for you and Jen, and Savannah and Sara are absolutely adorable!"
Di Hackling


"Thank you so much for showing us there's more to life than just work. You have a great family and it shows. Well done in your success. Great movie and thanks for the tips on travelling. Always have a place for you to camp in Australind WA just north of BUNBURY but I bet you new where that was! Thanks again."
Shane Miles


"Hi Steve, Jen and girls. We have just finished watching your DVDs and they were awesome loved them all. Thanks heaps for sharing your adventures with us. Even our kids loved it. Kylie Shane and family."
Kylie Miles


"Hi Steve, I received my copy of the big lap last week, what an awesome adventure and a well made DVD. A big thanks to you, Jen and the kids for sharing your trip of a life time with us."
Daniel Locke


"Hi guys, just finished watching your dvd's, I did this trip over 7 years ago now and watching your trip has brought loads of memories back. Amazing! now I want to do it all again!
I am going to order it and show my family back in the UK, as I lost all my photo's and video's we made while travelling (long story). Anyway just wanted to say your all amazing and thanks for sharing and inspiring others."
Jayne Spiers


"Hey guys me and the wife and kids just watched the DVD we all loved it."
Troy Lang


"Thanks Steve, not only have I received your dvd's but have enjoyed watching them too. My dream is to do the same sort of trip one day."
Richard Agius


"Hi Steve, I can only say brilliant, that is my dream, hope i can make it happen soon."
Craig Smith


"We purchased The Big Lap and have only one episode to go. We have really enjoyed watching your adventures especially our 6 year old boy Oliver who is addicted! We are hoping for a similar adventure on a smaller scale in 2016 with 4 children and can't wait. Thank you."
Danielle Crew


"Hi guys...! I bought my husband your "Big Lap" dvd for Christmas and i just finished watching it, I loved it immensely, felt a part of your family ... Was very sad for it to end ..."
Dusti Henke


"Fantastic DVD!"
Geoff Cunneen


"What a great trip is all I can say. For us we are planning to do the "big lap" in 2016. You have certainly inspired us to get out there with a little one in tow. Cheers for a great watch and sharing your journey."
Brendan Matthews


"What an awesome DVD series - keep up the great work - 10/10"
John Dacosta


"Just wanted to say thank you for letting us share in your expedition the big lap, I did it with my family when I was 10 (30 years ago) and it's our dream to do it again soon especially after seeing your videos! . . . Hope that your family are well! Can't wait to see part 2 - Yours truly , The Petersens"
Karen Petersen


"I had my dvd pack arrive yesterday and got to sit down & watch the first 2 episodes once I got the kidlets off to bed. Firstly, only 2 episodes in and all I have are two things to say 'awesome production' & 'my god I'm jealous!!' You guys have definitely given me the motivation & kick in the butt to get our trip planning & saving on!!"
Ben Bright

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - 2018


"Hi guys, Just watched all 10 episodes of your DVD, excellent production and very entertaining. We have done similar trips, not as long but can't wait to get away again."
Simon Currie


"Just received my DVD!!!! couldn't wait till christmas day to watch it, we are loving it so far. Great Job guys!!! Thanks heaps, Deb!!"
Debbie Clements


"Loved it, shared it, watched it again....."
Jason and Tracey Goodwin


"Guys, loving the series, it's part of my diabolical plan to get my wife to let us do something similar, starting with watching 1/2 an hour of the DVD's every night before I put my 18mo son to bed. It's the only show he sits still for..."
Bruce Muir


"Watched the big lap over the long week end and loved it. Has inspired us much. Our plan is to start in approx 5 years."
Mal Crust


"Hi guy's, we just finished the 10th episode. Have spread it out over the past 3 weeks and watched while having dinner. FANTASTIC!! we thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip with you. Have done some travelling ourselves throughout Oz in various modes of transport, but not to the extremes here. You've shown us quite a few places we cant wait to get to and check out for ourselves. Our set-up is too big to take to a lot of the places you've gone, but we can park up and use the 4wd then.

Once again thank-you very much for sharing such a awesome adventure with us. John, Karen and Kayla."
Johnny Wuttrich


"Well we watched the lots, all 10 episodes in a few days. Boy have we been blown away, so much so that we brought a camper trailer online while watching your DVD. We already have a 96 GLX 80 that I've setup for touring so thanx to you we are going to have a crack at it. Really enjoyed the DVD, congrats on your work. Hope to see you back in Melb sometime. Now you've done it what's next?? Jase and Family"
Jase Holroyd


"Oh my, not sure what you guys have done, the only video my 4 year son wants to watch is the trip around Australia as he puts it."
Kylie Miles


"Got my copy of 'The Big Lap' in the mail today, 4 episodes down and loving it. Gives me, my family and our 80 heaps of inspiration. Loving the DVD, that's guys."
Jase Holroyd


"Hi, wow we LOVE your DVD. Thanx so much for sharing your trip with us, we really felt like we were tackling it with you. we cant wait to start our own bigish trips (weeks/months) not sure we are ready to completely pack up and go just yet!! we particularly liked the attention to every little detail, whether it was preparing meals, reading maps, shaking sand out of ones undies, or hiking to the most beautiful areas, these details made it so real. We are in awe of your decision."
Penelope Risbey Turner


"I watched the whole trip today! Awesome job guys! Now to convince hubby to take some time off work to make the dream a reality! We have the set up ready to go!"
Lisa Briggs


"Guys I feel bad I have shared the DVD we watched as a family in 48 hours with friends.........I have invited all my friends and posted the site on guys are amazing....mind you you live in Adelaide.....that must suck....LOL....I have stopped sharing the DVD and given them 1 disc and said buy the rest though....LOL"
Jason and Tracey Goodwin


"Guys I just got the dvd's in the mail today. Really enjoying the first few episodes. I think the easy going approach you've used is great."
Sam Voysey


"Just finished watching the DVD series. Wow. Just so motivating to start our travelling around this beautiful country. Absolutely fantastic series and we cant wait for a sequel."
Alex Galanos


"Well we picked up a copy of your DVD and just finished it tonight. Had a few interruptions, then day trips and nights that stopped me watching it the whole way through on Christmas Day. It was great to see real Australians on the trip of a lifetime."
4x4 Review


"Purchased your Big Lap DVD, It arrived just in time for Xmas.. thank you. Have just watched it and man o man I so want to pack up the camper and start our trek around this beautiful country we live in right now."
Kay Jerome


"Just finished watching your DVD and loved it - great inspiration for the trips we plan to do. Thanks for sharing and showing it's possible with little kids!"
Sally Graham


"Got the Big Lap DVD's for Xmas. My partner and I are currently on the second DVD and give it the big thumbs up. Thanks for the time and effort you guys put into film your trip. It gives us a kick in the pants to get our plans together and not let the excuses give us a reason not to go."

Matthew Duell


"My wife bought me the Big Lap DVD for Xmas and we both thoroughly enjoyed it ! We have been re inspired to do more travelling. Thank you and all the very best for the future you are great family."
Marty Stoppard


"Bought the DVD set for hubby for Christmas.... we have just finished watching the whole series.....awesome viewing...He reckons its the best pressie ever....all we need to do now is do it... thanks for sharing your inspiring trip."
Denise Stoppard


"Got the dvds for Chrissy and already watched all of them! Found them very good and makes me wanna do the same trip! Awesome footage and a great demonstration how doing the "big lap" is possible with a young family. Well done!"
Scott Krauel


"The DVD arrived xmas eve so we sat around and watched some of it!!! now we have itchy feet again thanks!! Merry xmas you guys are an inspiration to us all!!!!"
Evo's 4WD Adventures


"Just watched your first DVD of 3 totally awesome, extremely informative and wonderful family entertainment, the grandchildren asked to come over and watch the next one..... great family time."
Annette Rumney


"Hey guys I received my dvd yesterday and just wanted to say a big thanks. I have already watched 2 of the dvds and it is awesome gives me many ideas for my family. Thank you so much for sharing your experience's with us."
Brendan Abberton


"Just finished watching your complete journey guys. Congratulations on an awesome and well documented tip. Its been my dream/plan for years to do this. Especially the N`S`E`W extremeties. Great to see others have a similar love for our beautiful country. Thanks for sending the dvds out and all the best to ya's."
Brenden Jones


"Just watched the first three episodes on disk one. Great job guys, loving it."
Steve McLaughlan


"Watching our DVD of your trip , totally amazing, it's so inspiring to know that dreams can come true, we can't wait to someday do the same ;0)"
Eliza Keech


"Just got your DVD in the post today. Watched the first couple of episodes, great job, very professionally done. I would highly recommend people buy it."
Crispin Lowe


"I watched the first disc today. Job well done. Very inspiring. Can't wait to watch the rest."
Luigi Peleia


"Just received Our copy of your DVD. Thanks heaps!! We could not wait till Christmas to start watching and are loving it all, you guys have done a great job. Thanks again."
Debbie Clements


"Hi Steve, we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the DVD'S. We were away in our caravan in recent weeks and sat down each afternoon with a beer or wine and watched the episodes. We felt like we were part of your lovely family by the end. Thanks for the great spots you featured. We are heading off in the middle of this year for an extended caravan tour and it was very helpful in getting us even more inspired and also giving us plenty of tips on travelling."
Glenn and Kerrie Irwin


"The dvd's arrived today. just watched the first episode and i am very impressed. Well worth the wait. Big challenge you took on. Most people would've given up early on, but seems that you guys did it very well, congratulations! I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes!!! I feel like everyone who watches this will feel like they were on the trip with you and will get to know your family very well."
Mitchell Arnold


"Our family has finished your DVD series, we watched one a night over the chrissy break and really enjoyed your adventures."
Julian Ellis


"Really enjoyed your DVD's feel like I know you and your family. We are heading off from Darwin in May across the Kimberley, Gibb River road and then down the west coast no time frame or deadlines can't wait. We picked up a couple of tips and tricks from the DVD so thanks heaps for sharing."
Kimmi and Pete


"We have watched all episodes on the weekend and enjoyed every minute of it!!"
JJ Pieterse

Big Lap Budget Spreadsheet - 2018